Review | DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Milton Keynes (Part Two)

This is part two of my review of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Milton Keynes which is built into a football stadium.

The first part of the review covering a background to the hotel and its location can be found here.  In part three I will cover the dining and lounge options available at the hotel.

In this part I cover the check-in and guest rooms.


I’ve stayed at this hotel a number of times and have always found the reception staff to be very pleasant.

The reception foyer is large and has a light modern feel to it. Not surprising considering it is still fairly new.  The reception desk is to the left hand side as you walk through the entrance door, the concierge desk is to the right and soft seating is straight ahead of you.  The lifts are situated directly behind the soft seating.

There is a subtle football theme throughout, not surprising considering the location, but it is not in your face.

On match days the reception area is busier but there are staff outside to prevent access to non-hotel guests or those registered in the hospitality suites.

Check-in has always been efficient though sometimes I’ve had to wait around 5 minutes or so when the hotel has been busy. As standard with DoubleTree’s, a warm cookie is offered for every registered guest at check-in.  The cookies contain nuts, and as I have an allergy to nuts I’ve always had to decline them. On a few occasions I have been offered fruit instead but it has depended on who was checking me in as to whether this was offered.

When I’ve had fruit it has been very well presented.

Guest Rooms and Suites

Dependant on where your room is situated you could be in for a long walk as the hotel makes a 360º circumference around the football pitch.  If you have difficulty in walking you should ask for a room near to the elevators.

You will notice as you are walking to your room pictures are jotted around the corridors showing the various stages of construction of the stadium and hotel.

I’ve stayed in the King bed suites, King junior suites with pitch views and the King deluxe rooms with pitch views.

King Bed Suites

The King Bed Suites are big. They are fairly open plan with separate areas for the king bed, lounge with sofa and work desk.  They are without doubt my favourite rooms in the hotel.  What they don’t have is the novelty of a pitch facing view. They are all situated on the external wall looking out to either the MK1 Shopping Park or the car park.

As you enter the suite the bathroom is directly to your side.  These bathrooms have two sinks, the usual Aroma Actives Essentials range of toiletries and a jet bath with an over the bath shower head. They also have a TV set into the wall above the bath.

The photo below shows a 360º view of the bathroom

Past the bathroom you have the tea/coffee station with an unstacked fridge underneath. The wardrobe (with dressing gown and slippers) and changing area (with a full length mirror) are just next to this.

The living area is directly in front of you as you enter the suite and runs the full width of the suites external windows. There is a TV on one side with a storage unit and a sofa facing the TV. On the opposite side you have a work station.

The photo below shows a 360º view from the living space

The bedroom area is the opposite side of the tea/coffee station dressing area. The third TV is located on the wall opposite the bed. There is also a comfy chair located at the side of the bed.

The photo below shows a 360º view from the bedroom

King Junior Suites

The two king junior suites are the first rooms on the 4th floor just after leaving the lift.  They face the pitch and on match days these can be converted to the President’s & Chairman’s hospitality suites.

On entering the suite you arrive to a large living space. A guest toilet is directly next to the door.

The bedroom is through an archway.

The bathroom is just off the bedroom.

Whilst these suites are a nice size and have great views of the pitch the quality of furnishings and finish isn’t up to the same standards as the King Bed Suites.  For this reason if there was a choice I would much prefer the King Bed Suites.

King Deluxe Rooms with Pitch Views

These appear to be very similar to the standard rooms but come with a pitch view.  The rooms are a decent size.

Unlike the suites, the bathroom has one sink.  The bath has a shower head attached above it.

Its still has the same Aroma Actives Essentials range of toiletries.

The bedroom area is fairly standard.  The photo has come out quite dark.  It was night when I arrived at the hotel and took these photos. The room looks much lighter during the day.

And this was the pitch view from our room on a very dark and miserable day.


In the final part of my review of the DoubleTree by Hilton hotel in Milton Keynes I will cover the dining and lounge options available at the hotel.


  1. Where is part 3. And how are they with diamond upgrades from base room bookings?

    Might stay there myself, it’s good to compare to review on I like your room recommendations. I really want a pitch view room now.

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